When poetry strays too far from music, it atrophies. When music strays too far from dance, it atrophies.
- Ezra Pound

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Band from Minsk, Belarus
Stary Olsa
Medieval and Renaissance Music
Classical ~ Folk ~ Dance
wind and fire
Stary Olsa Band

The short form:  Stary Olsa Band, founded in 1999 by its current leader, Zmicier Sasnoŭski, consists of 6 musicians playing authentic period instruments, presenting music of Belarusian and European Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque, music of medieval cities and castles, knights epos, old dances; reconstructs (whenever possible) musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania 13th – 18th c.

We can simply promise you that there has never been anything like this in Redding, nor will there be in the future, unless they return!

The long form: If rock-n-roll had been invented 500 years ago, Stary Olsa is what it would sound like.
In 1999, Zmicier Sasnouski brought together a diverse group of musicians, some classically trained and some self-taught, who shared a common love of history. They set out to revive some traditional instruments of their homeland, Belarus, which had faded during World War II and the Soviet era.  roster shifted until it settled on the current line-up, which includes bagpipes, flutes, shaums, lute, rebec, gusli, and percussion (including wooden shoes), with front man Aleys Chumakov belting out vocals in Belarusian.

Soon, historians all over Europe were sending them ancient songs from archives, to be performed on the instruments that the music was originally written for.  They’ve recorded thirteen albums of popular European dances, rowdy Slavic drinking songs, epic tales of knights and victory, and tender ballads from knights to their ladies-in-waiting.

Today's hits are but "a small stop on a long musical continuum." Stary Olsa shows just how much our current musical traditions owe to their medieval roots. Come listen to living history and party like it’s 1199!

One of many youtubes
A rather different youtube

Web:  Stary Olsa Website will show you their instruments, members, music, etc.

Sunday Oct 22, 2017
General Admission $15.00

Doors 6:30 | Show 7:00 PM
Limited Seating Available

Bohemian Art Loft
3304B Bechelli Lane Redding

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